YEP is an initiative by Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK), the global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission. YEP was designed for the youth, to learn the principles of Vedanta, serve the community, and grow as dynamic, positive contributors to society.

Following the residential training program, each Yuvaveer (YEP graduate) will serve as key volunteers for various Chinmaya Mission projects and efforts. During this period of service, the Yuvaveer will organize and lead the youth-related activities of the center, including classes for children and youth, bhajan groups, personal development seminars, and camps/retreats. Yuvaveers can choose to serve on a full-time basis, or volunteer at the mission on a part-time basis while pursuiing their careers or studies. In the summer after each Yuvaveer’s YEP course, they will be required to dedicate 1-2 months in service as directors and coordinators for a particular Chinmaya Mission summer camp. They will, of course, be guided by a Swami or teacher of Chinmaya Mission, as well as by other Yuvaveers.

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June 08 – July 26, 2020

Chinmaya Mangalam near Dallas, TX

Learn, Serve, Grow

Chinmaya Mangalam, 10470 W FM 744, Barry, TX 75102

$1500 (Part Time Seva) – rate applicable until Mar. 31, 2020
$2000 (Part Time Seva) – rate applicable after Mar. 31, 2020
Free (Full Time Seva)


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