Bala Vihar Classes & Activities

CMDFW is pleased to announce the commencement of cultural classes this fall, starting on August 20th, 2023. 

Cultural Classes & Activities

CM DFW offers many diverse enrichment opportunities for children to “grow and glow.” In this nurturing environment, children discover and develop their latent talents, and also get a chance to form lasting relationships with each other.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and all the CM D/FW family members have plenty of opportunities to help in this process. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer and contribute in any of the activities – both for your own spiritual evolution and for reinforcing the cultural foundation of our children.

The cultural classes run weekly, at the same time every week. The classes will be held between 10:45 am and 11:45 am, between the two sessions.

Fees: Gita Chanting and Shlokathon are FREE and $120 per child for rest of the classes (FREE for Parivar Members)

Not all classes are offered at all centers.

  • Saaket will have classes for Hindi, Kannada, Swaranjali, Geeta Chanting and Shlokathon
  • Chitrakoot will have classes for Hindi, Swaranjali, Geeta Chanting and Shlokathon
  • Frisco will have classes for Swaranjali, Geeta Chanting and Shlokathon

To volunteer or for more information/questions on the cultural classes, please contact Arunachalam Venkatraman (Venkat) at 972-335-6353.