Residential Family Spiritual Retreat

What? Chinmaya Mission Dallas/Fort Worth is hosting a national adult ONLY family spiritual retreat, at Chinmaya-Mangalam. We’re planning to accommodate “stay-at-the-site” for 125 people, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Retreat topic: Aditya Hridayam.

When? April 6th, 6:00pm CST to 8th, 4:00pm CST

Where? Chinmaya Mangalam, 10470 FM744, Barry, TX 75102

How to register? For registration, use the link

What is Aditya Hridyam?

The prayer is addressed to the Sun God and occurs in the Yudha Kanda of the Ramayana. Sage Agastya teaches this great prayer to Lord Sri Rama. The prayer and advice is useful to all seekers in facing adverse situations in life enthusiastically. Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda, in his book by the same name has also given the translation and word meanings of the ‘Mantras’ for easy understanding by all.