Balavihar classes for 2022 – ’23 starts on Sunday August 28th. 

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CMDFW BV Registration for 2022 – ’23 is open:  

We’ll continue to offer 2 sessions on Sundays at each center, at the same time as currently offered.  Please register early to save your seat in the center/session of your choice for the next BV year.   

  • Phase-1 (existing members): Thru May 28; request for transfer between sessions is honored on a first-come first-served basis, depending on seat availability in the requested center/session. 
  • Phase-2 (Open to public): Friday, June 3 onwards

Below details of BV Sessions and Registration/Enrollment Process for 2022-’23 have been shared with you and will be available on our website Please review before you register. 

BV Sessions Schedule (SUNDAY only):

Sessions S1, S2, C1 and C2 are OPEN.  The Frisco F1 and F2 sessions are restricted for students currently in those sessions to re-enroll during Phase 1.  If you would like to enroll in either F1 or F2, please re-enroll in your current session and include your transfer request during enrollment.  We will accommodate transfers to F1 and F2 based on availability in the specific grade in the session you requested. 

Registration Process:

  • Before enrolling for Bala Vihar, you need to Renew your CMDFW Membership using your primary account.
  • Once you renew your membership, you will be able to access the enrollment page for your current session.  New members are restricted from enrolling in Bala Vihar sessions during Phase 1.
  • Please contact in case you have renewed and paid for your membership and are encountering issues in enrolling your child for a session.

We hope to see most of you back here in the Fall. 

Thank You and HariH OM!

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