kArtika mAsa Mondays (rudrAbhisheka and archana)

10/31/2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm America/Denver Timezone
Chinmaya Saaket
17701 Davenport Rd
Dallas, TX 75252

Karthika Somavaram Vratham is observed because it is in this month Shiva destroyed the three impregnable cities of gold, silver and iron built by the demon Tripurasura. His ego knew no bounds and he relentlessly tormented humans and Devas. Brahma and Vishnu failed to contain him and eventually, Shiva annihilated the Tripurasura after three days of fight and also destroyed the three cities – Tripuri.This liberation occurred on the full moon day in the Karthika month. And, given that Mondays (Somavara) are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Karthika Somavara Vratham is observed from sunrise to sunset. Devotees do not consume food after sunrise or restrict themselves to a liquid or fruit diet.  Prayers and puja dedicated to Shiva are performed early in the morning seeking annihilating of our own egos.