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CMDFW Geeta Chanting Competition

GCC 2020 Flyer

Please mark your calendars!!

Elementary school grades Pre-K to 5th – March 28th starting at 12:30 PM
Middle to high school grades  6th to 12th – April 4th starting at 12:30 PM

March 25th, 26th, and 27th from 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Click on this link to download the flyer: GCC 2020 Flyer (PDF)

The CMDFW Geeta chanting competition is around the corner!  We are holding the children’s competition over back to back Saturdays. The format will remain the same as in the previous years.

Registration will begin on February 29th. Please register early. We will use the time stamp at registration to determine the order of chanting during the competition.

Kids, this is your chance to show off your chanting that you’ve put so much effort into!!  And, also get your parents to participate.
The competition is open to CMDFW & Non-CMDFW families!
Let us make this year’s competition a big success!!  Hope to see you all there.

Questions??  Contact Kalpana Raman –