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Balavihar Classes For 2017-18 Start September 9th/10th


Balavihar classes for 2017-18 start the weekend of September 9th/10th

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll have a team of volunteers available at the front desk to help with your registration needs, in person. As you probably know, with the exception of two Sunday morning sessions at Frisco (F1 & F2), seats are available in all remaining 7 sessions at Saaket/Chitrakoot/Frisco. You can also register online at (Click on registration tab and complete the registration process). In case you run into issues with your registration, please contact Note these important things:

  • The registration process – different from that in previous years – has two steps – (1) Membership registration and payment and (2) Enrollment in a specific session. You have to complete both these steps to be fully registered in our system.
  • Members who selected ‘Pay Later’ Option while registering for Balavihar, please meet one of the Registration volunteers at the front desk to arrange your payment.  Checks can be made out to ‘CMDFW’.  We also accept Credit cards.
  • For those who are electing to pay in instalments, you can pay one half of the fees, i.e. $225 if you have only 1 child registered or $325 for 2+ Children in Balavihar, right now and balance is due in December/January.
  • If you have elected to be a Chinmaya Parivar member and have chosen the ‘Pay Later’ option, please also check with Registration Volunteers on how to set up payments if you have not done so already.

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