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Summer Camp at CMDFW: Shiva Purana

CMDFW Summer Camp 2
This camp is a 4 week intensive where kids learn about the ancient text of Shri Veda Vyasaji – Shiva Purana. While listening to these stories the children will also learn some of the basics of the Sanskrit Language, vedic chanting, yoga, and modern bhajans. The kids will be expected to put on shows and presentations and in doing so will learn about teamwork and public speaking.
There will be three main divisions – elementary school (grades 3-5), middle school (grades 6-8), and high school, (grades 9-10).
We are looking for more volunteers. High schoolers in grades 11-12 can also volunteer to help during the camp.  Volunteers may volunteer for partial dates, from one week to all four. Any and all help is appreciated. The areas we need more help is:
Food pick up, and serving
Teaching assistance
The camp dates are Monday through Friday, Jun 4th – Jun 29th.
Camp cost is $1000 for all four weeks, but if someone with extenuating circumstances wants to register for only one or two weeks, then they will be able to at $300 per week, but they should be aware that the course material builds on itself, and although they may enjoy the Shiva Purana stories and sports and games, it may be a little difficult to catch up on the sanskrit and vedic chanting.
For more information please contact Br. Yatindra Chaitanya (