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Lock-ins With Swamiji


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Imagine an evening of fun with Swamijis!!!  Both, Sw. Sarveshanandaji and Br. Yatindraji will be spending time with the Bala Vihar kids in each of these Lock-in events, engaged in fun filled activities!!  Dinner will be provided for all three lock-ins.  This is a self-funded event and costs cover expenses.  Lock-in is free for children of Parivar-member families.


High School Lockin – Fri., 10/20/2017 

Event organized and run by the CHYKs.

Venue – Chinmaya Saaket

Time – 6:30 P.M on 20th Oct. to 21st October morning 6:00 A.M.  All-night stay at Saaket with peers and acharyas.  Just ‘Hang Out’ time 😊

Cost – $15.00 (Free for Chinmaya Parivar Members)


Middle School Lockin – Fri., 10/27/2017

Venue – GroupDynamix – brand new facility in Carrollton

1100 Venture Ct, Suite # 120, Carrollton TX 75006

Time 7:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.

Drop off and pick up at location

Cost – $30.00 per child (Free for Chinmaya Parivar Members)

Fun team-building event led by Acharyas and Chinmaya Sevaks. Great opportunity to bond with other middle-schoolers.


Elementary School Lockin – Sat., 10/28/2017

Venue – Chinmaya Chitrakoot

Time – 6:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M

Cost – $15.00 per child (Free for Chinmaya Parivar Members)

On-site games and creative activities led by Acharyas and Chinmaya Sevaks. Food, fun and frolic-filled evening. Meet and make friends with Balavihar kids from other sessions.


We need parent volunteers for Middle and Elementary school lock-ins. Please send an email to Biggest need is around the elementary lock-in as we usually get close to 100 kids!  Please be advised that due to the nature of the event, for Middle School lock-in we will need for the volunteers to pay for the event themselves if they are going to participate.