Harih OM!
Chinmaya Mission West is excited to conduct a virtual Bala Vihar/youth program this Summer.
All children and Yuva Kendra members are encouraged to participate in this unprecedented program. The program will be conducted via Zoom from June 15th to August 14th for two hours every Monday through Friday. Timings across time zones are given below:
EST – 11am – 1pm
CST – 10am – 12pm
PST – 8am – 10am
Each grade level from KG to CHYK will have a separate class taught by Swamins and Brahmacharins. Students will participate in a variety of sessions, including 45 satsangs on Mahabharata, yoga, workshops, hands-on activities, group discussions, arts and crafts, music, stotram chanting, and Vedic chanting. 
Registration opens on Friday, May 8th at: tinyurl.com/CMWSummerCamp
The registration fee for the entire nine-week program is $100 for families with one participating student and $150 for families with more than one participating student.The registration fee is non-refundable.
Flyers and program details are accessible as noted below:
CMW Summer 2020 Bala Vihar Camp Flyershttps://cmdfw.z2systems.com/np/viewDocument?orgId=cmdfw&id=4028888b71e4b4630171e7e2b9b3000e
For additional questions, you can also send an email to bvsummercamp@chinmayamission.org or CMDFW contact for this camp is Rakesh Neunana (rakneun@gmail.com)