Devi Group Seva Project: Welcome Home Baskets

The 4th Annual Devi Group Seva Project, “Welcome Home Baskets”, had tremendous participation and was a huge success! With $2,663 donated by all of the Devi Groups, the Seva Team prepared and delivered: #27 laundry baskets and #27 13-gallon trash cans filled to the brim with bed/bath/kitchen items, #27 large brooms with dustpans, and #6 boxed cookware sets with utensils.  This was a brand new charity project for Austin Street Center and it exceeded their expectations! Two people moving out of the homeless shelter and into permanent residences received their baskets immediately after our delivery. The shelter shared that they cried tears of joy since they could not believe this was gifted to them and that they would not have to spend money on so many basic necessities!  A big shout out to the Devi Group Seva Leads: Param Aggarwal & Punitha Parthipan and the volunteers who dropped off to the shelter: Uma/Arunachalan Venkatraman, Joshika Kannabar, and Kumudini Bellary.  #CMDFWSEVA #GivingMoreThanWhatYouTake #HelpThemHome

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