In a family, a few members, voluntarily assume the responsibility to create a sustainable environment for the
greater good of the extended family.

Chinmaya Parivar:
is a group of CM members who help manifest their shared vision to sustain the nurturing environment that CMDFW has grown to be.

Why do we need Parivar Members?

  • Ensure that the Mission Endures for Our Children’s Children.
    • Our endeavor is to have the facilities in good condition to meet the growing needs of congregation. Maintaining large facilities is expensive.
      Goal is to cover operating expenses from BV revenue and use fund-raising income to pay off the debt.
  • Cover Yearly Gap in Operating Funds
    • Despite the fact that our operations are run almost entirely by volunteers, the Balavihar revenue,
      does not cover our operating expenses.

As Chinmaya Parivar member, your family will enjoy the following Complimentary benefits:

  • Admission to Balavihar & Cultural classes
  • Aarti sponsorship during festivals.
  • Balavihar Lock-Ins
  • Geeta chanting and Sholkathon

Chinmaya Parivar Membership: $1,200 per annum

Payment options:

  • Single payment of $1,200
  • Payment in two installments of $600 each
  • Auto Monthly Draft of $100 each (12 installments)

To become Chinmaya Parivar member please visit the

CMDFW Registration site

Please contact registration team if you need any help
please contact Registration team email:
If you have any questions, please send an email to