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Atma Bodh – Part II

Detach and Disidentify

Jan. 09 – Jan. 12, 2012

(Discourses conducted by Swami Sarveshananda at Chinmaya Chitrakoot, CM D/FW)      mp3

Mistaken identities  do not permit us to experience the glorious Self. Buddhi (intellect) is not only smeared with layers of vasanas, likes and dislikes muddying the reflective surface; but it is constantly wavering. So our reflected Self also appears unsteady. Nourish the buddhi to curtail its unproductive unwillful processing and have it accessible so that you can truly be a witness. It begins with a basic change in conviction  that I am NOT the body, mind and intellect. Watch the dancing movements of the non-Self and enjoy the show! Then slowly proceed to observe the thoughts and understand its vritti (circular pattern).  You will see the birth-n-death of ego, thereby allowing you to disidentify with the non-Self. At this point, the Jiva (Self identified with mind/intellect) still presents itself as the jnata (knower). But the buddhi by itself is inert and doesn’t have the capacity to know unless it is touched by the supreme conscious principle. Revel in the secret formula for eternal bliss from the four Mahavakyas and be the illumining factor (Self) in whose presence all these movements of the non-Self are seen. Conviction shifts  from being the limited ego to being the unlimited Bramhan. Basking in that glory of the Self is called Meditation. Constant flow of that thought will drop the final intellectual attachment too. We can be available and accessible to experience the effect of the Mahavakyas and realize that I the Self is Vilakshan (unique effulgent nature) essentially unlimited in nature; Nir-mala (blemishless); and certainly not the body with its six modifications or movements. I am the one conscious of all these movements and beyond the limitations of the indriyas (sensory organs).

We will continue to explore the experience of the Self in the next series.