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Annadaanam – Bhiksha Seva

Chinmaya Mission Centres, Worldwide 

Dear All, 
Hari Om!
Greetings from Chinmaya Vibhooti Vision Centre, Kolwan!
I’m very pleased to share with you a rare opportunity in relation to the upcoming Worldwide Acharya Conference, which will take place at Chinmaya Vibhooti from 28 February to 4 March, 2018. This is indeed a very special event, as you may recall that the last time similar gatherings were held was in 2008 (All India Acharya Conference) and in 2009 (International Acharya Conference). 

Chinmaya Mission presently has over 350 Acharyas tirelessly serving across the world. The Worldwide Acharya Conference presents the wonderful privilege to individual members and/or centres to offer Bhiksha to all Acharyas. You may offer Rs 50,000 (or US$ 800) for Bhiksha for an entire day, or any other amount as Annadaanam. Please send us an email for payment instructions, to chinmaya.vibhooti@chinmayamiss

One-day Bhiksha donors are welcome to specify their preferred date in advance, from the five days of the Conference. If they are able to, they can visit Chinmaya Vibhooti at lunch time on that date, to serve the Acharyas and to receive blessings in person. Offerings in absentia would be most welcome, too.  

Please do spread the word to the entire Chinmaya family, by widely circulating this email and the attached image. 

Indeed, this is a blessed and wonderful opportunity for all to be a part of.

In His Service,
Ravi Nene
(CEO, Chinmaya Vibhooti)
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