Chinmaya Misssion in D/FW area has two locations, Chinmaya Saaket and Chinmaya Chitrakoot.

Chinmaya Saaket, centrally located in North Dallas, was inaugurated on Dec 26, 1999 by H.H Swami Tejomayananda, head of the worldwide Chinmaya Mission. Our Vedantic learning center is a 12,000 square foot building with an inbuilt auditorium, 11 class rooms for conducting Balavihar classes and study groups, a residence for the acharya, library, and temple. Saaket literally means the abode of Lord Rama. Our center houses a temple with Lord Rama, Sitaji, Lakshmanji & Hanumanji as the main deities along with Lord Ganesha and Lord Siva. A unique highlight of Chinmaya Saaket is the beautiful stained glass Chinmaya Mission logo, which casts a soft orange glow on Pujya Gurudev’s picture in the foyer every morning.

Chinmaya Chitrakoot serves the Irving, Flower Mound, Coppell, Lewisville area. It is conveniently located in Irving, and was inaugurated on May 8, 2010 by Swami Sarveshananda Saraswati, our resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission D/FW. This learning center is a 22,000 square foot building with an inbuilt auditorium, 24 class rooms for conducting Balavihar classes and study groups, library.

CM D/FW is a vibrant community. The two centers bustle with activity, especially on weekends. Since the inauguration in December 1999, Balavihar activity has grown so much that we now have 2 sessions at Chinmaya Chitrakoot and 4 sessions atChinmaya Saaket every weekend. In order to accommodate the growing demand in the D/FW area we have another satellite center in Fort Worth.

CM D/FW has an enrollment of over 900 children who attend Balavihar classes every weekend. We are proud to have over 700 member families who support us in various ways. There are about 200 volunteer teachers who dedicate their time to teach in the Balavihar program.

In addition to the Balavihar program, we also conduct cultural classes for the children such as, music, dance, languages, Slokathon and Gita chanting. Our resident AcharyaSwami Sarveshananda Saraswati conducts several classes and study groups during the week, as well as monthly Jnana Yajnas at Chinmaya Chitrakoot, Chinmaya Saaket and other satellite centers. Swami Sarveshananda, Acharya P.B Ghate and Acharya Asha Ghate also celebrate all major festivals and events like Sivaratri, Ramanavami, Janmashtmi, Gurudev’s jayantiand aradhana. Please check out our calendar for a detailed schedule of classes and events.

Chinmaya Mission has two global divisions in the USA and India dedicated to producing the highest quality books, magazines, videos, cassettes, CDs and DVDs on all facets of Vedanta. To purchase or order any Chinmaya Mission publication, please visit the publications website or our bookstore located at Saaket.