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Weekly Announcements

June 3rd/4th 

* BV graduation this weekend – Congratulations to all graduating [BV]seniors! This is the final weekend for Balvihar at CMDFW this year (2016 – ’17), as we are closed over Summer. New BV Year (2017 – ’18) re-opens the first weekend after Labor Day. Even though we are closed for BV, there are other activities such as YEP at Mangalam and Children’s Summer Camp at Saaket in which many of you will be involved. Please visit for important updates on activities, BV etc.

* Year-end Gurudakshina: Parents can offer guru dakshina after adult session today.

* NJCC (National Jr ChYK camp) is from July 1st-5th,

“Keeping the Streak Alive” … details at:


* Sw. Swaroopanandaji, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide, will be visiting CMDFW in August, 2017 – Mark your calendar, as there are a couple of events associated with his visit to Dallas.

August 3 – 4: conclusion of Youth Empowerment Program (YEP), at Mangalam

August 5 – 10: jnana yajna at Chinmaya Saaket. Bhagavad Gita Ch. 15.

More details to come!


* New Registration System Live for 2017-18 BV Registration:

As informed earlier, the BV registration is ongoing and will be in 3 phases –

Phase-1: (ongoing now): for existing members – registration in your respective session will continue from NOW through Fri., June 9

Phase-2: for existing members – Transfer to any session where seats are available, will be entertained from Jun 10 – Jun 23

Phase-3: registration open to the new members/general public – June 25th onwards

Note for Current S5 session members: S5 members have been assured that they can choose any session of their choice (including S3). The new registration system has been configured to address this.

Important: For those who have already accessed the system and Renewed membership/ Set up Payment for 2017-18, please ensure that you have enrolled your kids into the correct grade/Session in Balavihar. This is an additional step and comes after the renewal and payment steps. Enrollment is not automatic, so please ensure you have completed this step.