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Audio  ➜   06 Swami Sarveshananda  ➜   TATTWABODHA

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001 Invocation
6-Oct-1042.1 Mb45:59
7-Oct-1042.1 Mb45:59
003 Qualifications of a Seeker Viveka Discrimination
8-Oct-1059.46 Mb1:04:56
004 Vairagya (Dispassion): Focusing on the Essential Experience
12-Oct-1052.07 Mb56:52
005 Shat Sampati (Six Virtues): Shama-Dama-Uparama-Swadharma
14-Oct-1060.18 Mb1:05:44
006 Shat Sampati (Six Virtues):Uparama & Titiksha - Disidentify with BMI and Revel in Swadharma
19-Oct-1050.84 Mb55:31
007 Shat Sampati (Six Virtues): Shraddha
Samaadhaan - Conviction in God\'s Providence45.46 Mb49:39
008 Intense Longing for Self-Realization or Liberation
26-Oct-1041.8 Mb45:39
009 Nature of Atman; Characteristics of the Sthool Sharira (Gross Body)
28-Oct-1057.95 Mb1:03:17
010 Sukshma Sharira (The Subtle Body)
09-Nov-1051.65 Mb56:24
011 Karana Sharira (The Causal Body)
11-Nov-1052.35 Mb57:10
012 Satsang
23-Nov-1034.53 Mb37:43
013 Manomaya Kosha - The Mind
02-Dec-1046.22 Mb50:29
013 Pancha Kosha (Five Sheaths)
30-Nov-1052.36 Mb57:11
014 Jagat - The Creation
20-Jan-1160.8 Mb1:06:24
015 Anthakarana (Internal Equipment) - The Mind
25-Jan-1127.03 Mb29:31
016 Internal Equipments - Intellect and Ego
27-Jan-1149.85 Mb54:26
017 Presiding Dieties of the Anthakarna (Internal Equipment)
08-Feb-1138.88 Mb42:28
018 Panchikarnam - Grossification of Subtle Nascent Elements
15-Feb-1126.29 Mb28:42
019 Satsang
17-Feb-1151.1 Mb55:49
020 Jiva (Individual Consciousness) and Ishwara (Totality)
29-Mar-1133.99 Mb37:07
021 Three Stages of Evolution in Saadhana (Spiritual Practice)
31-Mar-1143.37 Mb47:21
022 The Four Types of Jnana (Knowledge)
14-Apr-1153.5 Mb58:25
024 Characteristics of a Jivan Mukta Purusha (Self-Realized Master)
26-Apr-1133.04 Mb36:05
025 Types of Karma and its Effects on a Realized Master
03-May-1154.34 Mb59:21
026 Summary
05-May-1147.9 Mb52:19
027 Conclusion
19-May-1110.32 Mb30:01