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Articles by Swami Sarveshananda


Article Description Length Date
Seva Bhav: Service with an Attitude pdficon Pujya Swami Sarveshanandaji’s heartfelt expression of gratitude during 2018 Volunteer Appreciation. Gentle reminders for Chinmaya Mission sevaks and sevikas on how to serve effectively 86 KB 2018
Strength in Togetherness pdficon  Pujya Swami Sarveshanandaji’s keynote address at the 2017 Annual CMDFW Banquet. Sharing Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanaji’’s vision for the mission, he reminded us and helped us understand the purpose behind it, the importance of propagating the wisdom of our ancient heritage and the benefits to society at large. 73 KB 2017
Abundance Without Attachmentpdficon Embark on an introspective exploration to recognize the subtle levels of attachments and abundance in our existence. Understand the purpose of life as it relates to becoming instrumental in the Lord’s expression of compassion, love, resources, strength and courage.  192 KB 2016
Art of Compassionpdficon What is compassion and how does one nurture the art of compassion? Talk given at the Crow Museum of Asian Art on Mar. 08, 2016  469 KB 2016
veda mantra – Maha Mrityunjaya Mantrapdficon As a part of the discourses on Sri Rudram, this article examines the basics of veda mantra-s and outlines the deeper significance of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 128 KB 2015
Steps in Spiritual Development  Essence of Vedanta is given in Bhagavad Gita Chap. 4 sholka 10. It provides a beautiful step-by-step comprehensive method for spiritual growth that has to be memorized and applied in everyday life. 231 KB 2014
atmapujopani?ad – Synopsis  atma (self) puja (worship)upani?ad teachs the seeker how to intuitively worship the self within. 703 KB 2012
atmapujopani?ad – Transcript  It explains the subtle meaning of each of the 16 steps of the puja rituals 2.8 MB 2012
Shiva Manas Puja  An Upasana that directly connects us to Lord established in our heart 1.8 MB 2012
Ganesha Atharva Sheershopanishat  A great Upanishad with the Advaita siddhanta, mantra and the upasana in one package 565KB 2012
Swadharma – Fulfilling Responsibilities  Responsibilities & Duties versus Likes & Dislikes 168 2011
Mind Your Own Business  Thought Management 69KB 2011
Transcending from Vyakti – Vyaktitvato Astitva  Personality Development 1MB 2011
Navaratri – Journey to the Divine Self  Significance of Navaratri 88KB 2010
Three M-s of Balavihar  Three M-s of Balavihar 39KB 2008
Up, Down, All Around  Up, Down, All Around –
Q&A with Uddhavji
67KB 2006
Up, Down, All Around – Part II  Up, Down, All Around – Part II of
Q&A with Uddhavji
63KB 2006
Up, Down, All Around – Part III  Up, Down, All Around – Part III of
Q&A with Uddhavji
70KB 2006
Things my mother never told me  Things my mother never told me –
Q & A with Uddhavji
79KB 2005
Things my mother never told me – Part II  Things my mother never told me
Part II of Q & A with Uddhavji
74KB 2005
Things my mother never told me – Part III  Things my mother never told me
Part III of Q & A with Uddhavji
61KB 2006
Things my mother never told me – Part IV  Things my mother never told me
Part IV of Q & A with Uddhavji
58KB 2006
Nirvanashatkam  Path of spirituality – Rejection & Assertion 38KB 2005
Nirgunamanasa Puja  Meditation on Supreme Reality 91KB 2005
Shivamanasa Puja  Meditation on Lord Shiva 127KB 2005
20/20 Vision of Life  Art of Living 196KB 2004
Intelligent Living  Art of Living 130KB 2004
Tattvameva Tvameva Tat  Vedanta 356KB 2004
The Journey Within  Meditation 127KB 2004
Manual for Living  Art of Living 134KB 2003
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namah  Guru – The Essential Teacher 194KB 2003