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My Kurukshetra: Regional Jr. CHYK Camp 2017


CHYKs around the world have continued to think outside the box and organize unique, creative events, with catchy themes, relevant topics, and intriguing activities, to help exploit and unfurl all of one’s personality layers: physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual. While CHYK events differ enormously in style and content, the purpose and result of positive and uplifting energy that characterizes every CHYK activity pervades each event organizer, participant, and spectator alike. All CHYK special events are planned and organized under the auspices of Chinmaya Mission’s host of Acharyas, who constantly motivate, guide, channelize, and strengthen CHYKs on their journey of inner purity and evolution.

Our daily actions may seem mundane, uninspiring, and tedious. We often find ourselves searching for motivation, but come up short. But what are we working for? Once we have the clarity to understand what our goals are, we need to understand how to achieve those goals.

Join us from April 7 to April 9 as we learn how to tackle any and all obstacles that we may face during our daily lives. Have fun with peers from across the country as you learn to work with the spirit of worship! Face your own battles and grow with us during this Regional Junior CHYK camp!

This camp is open to all high school students in the Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, and Bentonville areas.

April 7, 2017 – April 9, 2017

Chinmaya Mangalam near Dallas, TX

My Kurukshetra

Camp is open to:
Any high school student, including incoming freshmen and graduating seniors

Chinmaya Mangalam, 10470 W FM 744, Barry, TX 75102