As part of the Chinmaya Centenary celebrations, one of the things happening next year is the Global Gita Chanting Competitions – starting at the CM local center level, then at the national level and finally at the international level.

Center-level competitions are to be completed by Sep. 2015. 

The assigned chapter for the competition is none other than the one we are practicing in the BV assembly this year – Ch. 15!

Even though there is some time for you to think about and prepare for it, keep that in mind as you practice for this year’s competition. Detailed competition rules, judging criteria, how to register etc. will be available on our website,, soon.

Chapter 15 slokas can be found in the CMDFW 214-2015 Handbook, click here to download pdficon

National Gita chanting competition letter from Swami Sharanananda pdficon

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