Registration System will be open for Balavihar registration on April 22nd. Registration will be managed in the following phases:

Phase-1 April 22nd thru May 05th For current members (members can make transfer requests. These will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and availability of spots in each center/session)
Phase-2 May 06th thru May 17th Transfer requests processed. Starting May 06, registration frozen for 10 days to work on transfer requests of Phase-1.
Phase-3 TBD New registrations will be accepted. Starting Wed., May 17, open for general admission

We are processing in transfer requests order of priority and availability of slots.

  • Phase-2 is underway (May 6 – 17): Transfer requests are being processed
  • Phase-3: Open registration will start shortly once we complete processing transfer requests

During Phase 1 of enrollment for the 2019-20 Balavihar session, existing Balavihar attendees will be able to re-enroll only in their current session for the next year. You CAN NOT enroll in a different session during Phase 1.

New members are restricted from enrolling for Balavihar sessions during Phase 1. Members currently enrolled in a session are also restricted from enrolling for a different session during Phase 1. If you are interested in transferring to a different session, you can include a request for a transfer to another session when re-enrolling for your current session.

Phase 1 of Enrollment for 2019-20 Balavihar session

Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided below. Balavihar enrollment is NOT complete till all these steps are completed in order.

  1. Access the CMDFW registration portal at
  2. Login to your current CMDFW registration account.
    1. Please DO NOT create a new account in case you cannot login to your existing account – you will need to use your current account for re-enrollment in your session
  3. Renew and pay for CMDFW membership for 2019-20.
    1. You can do this by accessing membership renewal at
    2. For Chinmaya Parivar members who are on a monthly auto-pay, please contact in case your account does not yet reflect your continued membership and support of the organization
  4. Enrollment – Once you have completed membership renewal, please return to the portal home page and select your current Balavihar session to enroll your children in their grades

cmdfw sessions

Please contact CMDFW Member Management Team ( for further inquiries.